Effects of climate change on Swiss water bodies

Year 2021
Pages 134
Number UW-2101-E
Publisher Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)
Series Environmental studies

Hydrology, water ecology and water management

The Hydro-CH2018 project analysed the effects of climate change on Swiss water bodies. Climate change is altering the entire water balance, especially the seasonal distribution of water resources in the water bodies and groundwater. Low flow is becoming more frequent and the water temperature is increasing. This has a serious effect on water ecology, flood protection and water use. The report “Effects of climate change on Swiss water bodies” gives a concise overview of the results and is a gateway to further technical information and data. The project was treated as a priority theme within the National Centre for Climate Services (NCCS).

Effects of climate change on Swiss water bodies (PDF, 12 MB, 16.03.2021)

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