Landscape Award


Revitalised River Aire entered for Landscape Award of the Council of Europe

31.01.2019 – Switzerland has chosen the revitalisation of the River Aire as its entry for the Landscape Award of the Council of Europe. It is the first time the country has taken part in the competition. As a result of the project, the Aire is now not only a valuable habitat for plants and animals and a popular recreational space but also – thanks to the preservation of the old man-made channel – a place of cultural history.


Environmental report

Environment Switzerland 2018

The report of the Federal Council provides an overview of the current state and development of the environment in our country. It assesses the measures implemented by the federal authorities to improve the quality of the environment and identifies areas in which further action is required.

Global warming


IPCC special report on global warming

08.10.2018 - In order to limit global warming to 1.5 °C, the world needs to achieve carbon neutrality around 2050. This will require a rapid and drastic reduction in emissions, the use of technologies to remove carbon from the atmosphere, and changes in habits.

IPCC report


A collective contribution to protecting the population against avalanches

As an Alpine country, Switzerland has a long tradition of avalanche protection. This tradition has recently been added to UNESCO's Intangible World Cultural Heritage List. What is the FOEN’s role in managing avalanches as a natural hazard and what does it do to help keep people safe? Vice-Director Paul Steffen has the answers.

Environmental Footprints

New publication «Environmental Footprints of Switzerland»

This study shows the development of Switzerland’s consumption-based environmental impact from 1996 to 2015 (environmental footprints). Switzerland’s resulting footprints are not in line with the planetary boundaries, and while the share of the environmental impact caused within the country is decreasing, the share of the impact caused abroad is sharply rising.



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Environmental reports

Environmental reports provide an overview of the environment's status, trends and prospects in Switzerland



The indicators illustrate the changes and state of the environment using a selection of parameters.


Web-GIS of the FOEN

Internet platform for location-based information, data and services on the basis of maps.

Environmental data and geodata of the FOEN

Data, monitoring programmes and measurement networks of the FOEN

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