The FOEN’s geodata models

The Geoinformation Act (GeoIG) and its implementing ordinances require the FOEN to define “minimum geodata models” for its official geodata under federal legislation. The geodata models are partly defined in close collaboration with the cantons.

In geodata modelling, real world objects that are of interest in specific technical contexts are described, structured and abstracted. A data model consists of a written description of the modelled reality (semantics), a catalogue of objects and a conceptual data model (with a graphical and textual description).

Before data models can be completed, they are subject to a hearing of the Specialised Information Community (federal offices, cantons, specialised firms, experts, etc.)

Completed geodata models

The model below serves as the basic concept for all fields:

Messorte (ZIP, 216 kB, 27.05.2013)Basismodell für Geodatenmodelle zu Messstationen/-netzen

Adopted and defined geodata models by topic

Further information

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