Chemicals: Information for specialist

Chemicals are the stock for a large number of processes and products that form the basis of our modern societies. On the other hand, chemicals are a potential hazard and may, even when used correctly, lead to environmental contamination. Many risks in their usage have not yet been evaluated or controlled.

Interdepartmental Strategy for Chemical Safety

Bearing in mind the results of the evaluation of the interdepartmental implementation of the chemicals legislation carried out in 2013 the Federal Council mandated the federal authorities to prepare a common strategy.

Regulations and procedures

In matters of chemicals legislation the enforcement tasks are shared by the Confederation and the cantons. Under the sub-headings on this page, you can find useful information on enforcement for those areas for which the FOEN provides specialist support or for which the FOEN is responsible. These include in particular the PIC Ordinance and selected Annexes to the ORRChem.

Bans and restrictions on use

Restrictions and bans under the Chemical Risk Reduction Ordinance (ORRChem).

Special licences

Anyone who wishes to use chemicals professionally or commercially must obtain a special licence and must prove that they have the required specialist knowledge.

International Affairs

Switzerland supports the development of a comprehensive, coherent, effective and efficient international regime for chemicals, as well as improved co-operation with the private sector.

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