Offsetting CO2 emissions: projects and programmes

Year 2024
Pages 72
Number UV-1315-E
Editor Federal Office for the Environment
Series The environment in practice

A communication of the FOEN in its capacity as enforcement authority of the CO2 Ordinance. State 2024

The CO2 Act (SR 641.71) requires producers and importers of fossil fuels to compensate for part of the CO2 emissions resulting from their release. To do this, they must submit attestations from emission reduction and carbon storage projects or programmes that meet the requirements set out in Articles 5 and 5a of the Ordinance of 30 November 2012 on the Reduction of CO2 Emissions (SR 641.711). Eligible reduction projects or programmes must relate to the greenhouse gases listed in Article 1 of the CO2 Ordinance.

(9th updated edition january 2024; 1st edition 2013.)

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