Climate: Indicators

Indicators assessing and illustrating the status and trends of the environment in the issue area of climate change with a selection of key sizes.

Topic Indicatore Name State Trend
Climate Attitude toward climate change State: good Trend: positive
Climate Cattle population State: impossible to evaluate Trend: impossible to evaluate
Climate Climate protection knowledge State: medium Trend: impossible to evaluate
Climate CO2 Emissions from thermal and motor fuels State: medium Trend: unsatisfactory
Climate CO2 emissions of new cars State: poor Trend: unsatisfactory
Climate Energy efficiency of buildings State: poor Trend: positive
Climate Glacier retreat
Climate, Biodiversit... Annual mean temperature State: impossible to evaluate Trend: negative
Climate, Biodiversit... New renewable energy State: medium Trend: positive
Climate, Chemicals Greenhouse gas emissions State: medium Trend: unsatisfactory
Climate, Forest and ... Carbon balance in forest State: good Trend: impossible to evaluate
Climate, Landscape Carbon balance of land use State: medium Trend: impossible to evaluate
Climate Auftauen des St. Moritzersees
Climate Bestandsentwicklung von Brutvogelarten
Climate Blütezeit und Blattentfaltung
Climate Energiebezugsfläche
Climate Hitzetage
Climate Kompensation von CO2-Emissionen
Climate Per-capita CO2 emissions
Climate Pisten mit Beschneiungsanlagen
Climate Treibhausgasemissionen nach Gasen
Climate Treibhausgasemissionen nach Sektoren
Climate Treibhausgas-Intensität
Climate Treibhausgas-Konzentration in der Atmosphäre
Climate Trockenperioden
Climate Tropennächte

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