Conferences and further education courses in the field of contaminated sites

The next conferences as well as current further education courses in the field of contaminated sites.


Further education courses

Contaminated sites are trained so that sites are treated in a consistent manner where the most up-to-date technologies are applied and which conforms to legal requirements.

The FOEN is thus pleased that a CAS (Certified of Advanced Studies) in Contaminated Sites Remediation is available since 1st January 2011. Through the various courses offered by the CAS, this further education ensures that measures related to contaminated sites are perfected, unified and made more consistent. This program aims at offering courses of high quality and at ensuring that collaboration between leading universities in this area is intensified. The CAS Diploma is awarded jointly by the University of Neuchatel and the University of Berne. The Institute of Natural Resource Sciences at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) also offers courses.

Last modification 11.07.2023

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