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Resource consumption

Natural resources provide the basis for our quality of life. Studies show that these resources are vastly overused today.

Federal government measures for resource conservation

To maintain the natural foundations of life in Switzerland and throughout the world for current and future generations, natural resources must be used far more efficiently and in a way that ensures their conservation. The aim is to conserve resources and simultaneously strengthen the Swiss economy.

Sustainable Finance

To ensure the functionality of ecosystems for the generations of today and tomorrow, the real economy needs to transition to a resource-efficient and future-proof economy in the foreseeable future. The financial sector can help to accelerate this transition.

Peat exit plan

In Switzerland, moors have been protected since 1987, and peat may no longer be extracted. Nevertheless, it is estimated that Switzerland imports up to 524,000 m3 of peat every year. In the interest of also reducing the environmental damage caused abroad, the Federal Council adopted the peat exit plan in 2012. The first phase of the exit plan stipulates industry to actively take voluntary measures.

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