Federal government measures for resource conservation

Despite efficiency gains, Switzerland is currently far from achieving the sustainable use of resources. As a result of the rising global consumption of resources, climate stability and ecosystems are at the limits of their resilience worldwide. Switzerland is contributing to this through its high consumption of resources per capita. Additional measures are essential so that future-proof, resource-conserving consumption and production models can be strengthened.

The Green Economy and the resource-conserving economy concepts describe an economic system with future-proof and resource-conserving consumption and production models. It respects the finite nature of limited resources and the ability to regenerate renewable resources. Economic efficiency and well-being have to be strengthened as a whole. The vision is a good life and economic management within the resilience limits of the planet.

There remains much to be done to realise this vision. Two thirds of total environmental pollution occurs in the food and agriculture, housing and construction and mobility sectors. Resource-conserving consumption and production models can only be achieved by commitment from government, including cantons and municipalities, and all sectoral policy areas, the private sector, science and the whole of society. Along with consumers, business has to play a central role. A reliable and advantageous underlying government framework also has a major part to play

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