Rehabilitation projects

Rehabilitation projects are a central component of the revised Federal Act on the Protection of Waters. The aim is to restore near-natural streams, rivers and lakes as well as their characteristic animal and plant life. Local recreation and flood protection benefit as well as biodiversity.

Artificial constructions widely impair Switzerland's surface waters. Switzerland's water protection policy therefore aims to preserve near-natural water bodies and to restore impaired sections through rehabilitation projects. Rehabilitation measures aim to re-initiate ecosystem processes, enhance aquatic and water-associated habitats and stop the loss of aquatic biodiversity. In addition, rehabilitation projects contribute to flood protection and serve local recreation.

According to the Federal Act on the Protection of Waters, rehabilitation is defined as the re-establishment of the natural functions of channeled, straightened, covered or culverted surface waters by means of civil engineering. The cantons are obliged to strategically plan and implement rehabilitation measures.

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Last modification 03.12.2021

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