The hydrometric gauging station catchments in Switzerland

The catchments of the FOEN hydrometric gauging stations and the major features of the regions are available as a geodataset.

Catchment size, the elevation of the region, gradient or land cover: the gauging station catchments and their regional characteristics are often of additional importance in an analysis of Swiss hydrological monitoring data. So that these features do not have to be determined individually in a Geographical Information System (GIS) for the monitoring locations in Switzerland, a prepared dataset is available which already contains this information, making it easier to access:

‘Topographical catchments of the FOEN hydrometric gauging stations’ geodataset

The "EZG_hydrometrische_Stationen" geodataset shows the topographical catchments of the current FOEN hydrometric gauging stations. It is based on the FOEN’s underlying ‘Topographical catchments of Swiss waterbodies’ geodataset. The dataset contains attribute data tables with various regional features, and the locations of the gauging stations.

The geodata is free to download via the link below. Technical details on the dataset and its potential uses and limitations are included in the documentation.

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Last modification 17.07.2020

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