Water: Geodata and maps

Links to geodata sets (catchment area structure, watercourse typology, flow maps, etc.), survey maps (water protection, groundwater and hydrogeological maps), specific studies and the map portals of the Hydrological Atlas (HADES) and “Topic Water” at map.geo.admin.ch.

The FOEN publishes many maps and geodata sets on the topic of water. Many of them can be viewed on the FOEN map portal. A few of them are described in greater detail and can be downloaded as geodata sets for personal use.


Geodata available at the FOEN on the topic of water

Geodata models

Geodata models for the FOEN’s official geodata on the topic of Water

Groundwater and water protection maps

Maps show data in relation to geography. The following maps are relevant regarding groundwater.

Hydrogeological geodata

The FOEN provides standardised geodata on the groundwater of Switzerland on a superordinate scale. It cooperates with cantons, professionals and universities to record the necessary information and coordinates the publication of hydrogeological maps and datasets.

Hydrogeological geodata models

Geodata models for the FOEN’s official geodata on the topic of Hydrology

Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland HADES

The Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland is a platform on the topic of water. It includes maps in printed and digital form, teaching material for use at secondary level and a series of excursion guides aimed at different target groups.

Gauging station catchments

The catchments of the FOEN hydrometric gauging stations and the major features of the regions are available as a geodataset.

Hydrographic network

The Swiss hydrographic network comprises all surface and subsurface rivers, streams and canals. Lakes are also included. Both natural and artificial water bodies are considered. The water bodies and their hydrological catchments serve as spatial references for literally any question, problem and project related to hydrology and water resources management.

Mean monthly and annual runoff

The FOEN provides several datasets with information on the mean monthly and annual runoffs for the present day and future scenarios.

River Typology for Switzerland

The typology of rivers groups the diversity of Swiss rivers according to abiotic, physiographic criteria, not considering anthropogenic impacts. They are a basis for assessment of the ecological state of rivers and represent a useful guidance for rehabilitation measures.

Web-GIS Water

“Topic Water” at map.geo.admin.ch displays all the Swiss Government maps covering the waters of Switzerland.

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