Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland HADES

The Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland HADES is a collaborative work by Swiss hydrological agencies (federal offices, cantons, research institutions and private specialist offices in the water sector). For more than 30 years, it has made basic hydrological information, specialised knowledge and didactic media available to a wide range of users. The Atlas comprises the original map series of 63 printed plates, and a wide range of more recent products. These are accessible via hydrologischeratlas.ch.

Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland

Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland HADES

HADES: Druckausgabe (1992-2010)

HADES: Print version (1992–2010)

The print version contains maps, graphics and texts that provide a reliable basis for a wide variety of aspects of the topic of water. The atlas plates are accompanied by digital raster, table and vector data as well as text, all of which can be viewed and downloaded. The printed plates are also available in pdf format.

HADES: Data und Analysis Platform (since 2018)

The data and analysis platform provides new analysis and aggregation options for over 4,500 catchment areas for viewing and downloading.

HADES: Exkursionen

HADES: Excursions (since 2004)

The series of excursion guides entitled Tracks along the Water World arose from a desire to make even better use of the Atlas's potential and to interest a broad public in hydrological issues. Launched in 2004, the guide contains 31 excursions in nine regions of Switzerland.

HADES: Lernmedium

HADES: Teaching material (since 2015)

WASSERverstehen is a modern teaching material for upper secondary level and is available in both print and digital formats. In combination, these are ideal for use in a modularly structured learning environment and help to provide an in-depth look at hydrological topics.

The Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland is a federal initiative run by the FOEN. The project is managed by the Institute of Geography at the University of Bern.

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