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“Topic Water” at displays all the Swiss Government maps covering the waters of Switzerland. is the Swiss Government map viewer. Different topics give different views of the data they contain. The topic of water is one of them. It displays all the government maps covering the waters of Switzerland. There is a wide diversity, ranging from real-time water temperature in rivers, through groundwater protection zones to the potential for small hydropower plants. Subject-related data such as the water storage capacity of the ground or the distribution of rock strata are also included.

Catchment Tool

Topic Water offers other very useful functions. For instance, it is possible to download the contours of over 22,000 water catchment areas as a geo dataset and the associated parameters as a table. The parameters include information on the physical geography, land use and mean monthly discharges.

How to use the Catchment Tool

The video gives an initial impression of the variety of maps in Topic Water (in german and french):

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