Water: Methods

Hydrological estimation methods, modular stepwise procedure and monitoring methods.

The FOEN has developed or commissioned the development of a number of methods that can be used to estimate flow conditions or floods or evaluate the state of surface waters. The methods are described directly on the following pages, which have references to relevant additional information and publications from other institutions.

Hydrological estimation methods

Q347 flow rate

The Q347 flow rate is one of the foundations for the specification of minimum residual flows. Q347 can be determined with the aid of measurements or appropriate estimation methods.

Process-based flood estimation

A comprehensive flood assessment model based on long-term simulations is now available for the Rhine River catchment area. The results of the model for 450 catchment areas can be consulted on the Web site of the University of Bern.

Swiss surface water study and evaluation methods

Modular Stepwise Procedure

Integrated water protection requires accurate knowledge of the current state of waterbodies. The Modular Stepwise Procedure provides a framework for the systematic investigation and assessment of waters.

River Typology for Switzerland

The typology of rivers groups the diversity of Swiss rivers according to abiotic, physiographic criteria, not considering anthropogenic impacts. They are a basis for assessment of the ecological state of rivers and represent a useful guidance for rehabilitation measures.

Extreme value statistics

Flood statistics

Data on flood events is managed and statistically evaluated by the FOEN; the findings are made available in the form of result sheets.

Low-flow statistics

The FOEN analyses the data on low water flows statistically; the findings are made available in the form of result sheets.

Hydrological forecasts

Hydrological forecasts

The forecasts are produced by analysing the current status and trend of water levels and discharges in various stretches of water and on the basis of models in such a way that early warnings, particularly flood alerts, can be given to the authorities and the population.

Monitoring methods

Monitoring networks

Information on Swiss river, lake and groundwater monitoring networks operated by the FOEN alone or with partners.

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