Biological risks

Managing biological risks in contained systems

02.12.2021 – These enforcement aid on the roles, tasks and competencies of biosafety and/or biosecu-rity officers have been drawn up to assist companies in their activities involving ge-netically modified, pathogenic or alien organisms, i.e. in preventing the improper use of organisms. Specifically, this document supports the work of one or more indi-viduals designated as biosafety and/or biosecurity officers.

Biological experiments


Biological experiments - Swiss rules, tips and contacts

This guide is primarily aimed at people who carry out biological experiments in school or home laboratories. It provides an overview of the relevant legal requirements and their implementation.

At a glance

Nagoya Ordinance

Explanations of the use of genetic resources as well as FAQs and notification forms.

GMO monitoring

Nationwide monitoring of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the environment.

Experimental releases of GMOs

Completed and ongoing experimental releases of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Notification procedure for a contained use

Notifications and authorisation applications for activities with pathogens, genetically modified or alien organisms under the Containment Ordinance (ContainO).

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