Wastewater treatment is a success story. Thanks to the virtually nationwide expansion of wastewater treatment plants, water quality in Switzerland has improved greatly in recent decades. The next step is to remove micropollutants. A prerequisite for wastewater treatment to continue to function in the future is charges based on the polluter-pays principle.

Urban drainage

Switzerland has a reliable urban drainage infrastructure. Drainage plans help to maintain and develop this service. As a result of climate change, new approaches to dealing with rainwater are also necessary, e.g. 'sponge cities'.

Drainage on transport routes

On heavily frequented transport routes such as roads, railway lines and airfields, a significant amount of pollutants can enter the ground water or surface waters during rainy weather. The disposal of this waste water is regulated by law.

Industrial and commercial waste water

Over the past 60 years, many measures have been implemented to reduce the amount of pollutants from industry and commerce in our water bodies. Today, the challenge for enforcement agencies is to set appropriate standards for the many different pollutants in industrial waste water.

Last modification 26.10.2021

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