Federal Council strategy for adaptation to climate change in Switzerland

Climate change is having an effect on the environment, the economy and industry in Switzerland as it is elsewhere. Actions to adapt to these effects are already needed now and will become more and more important in the future. The Federal Council’s strategy sets out the framework for a coordinated approach by the Federal Offices in adapting to climate change.

Part 1 of the strategy: goals, challenges and areas for action

On 2 March 2012, the Federal Council adopted the first part of its strategy for adaptation to climate change in Switzerland. This sets out the goals and principles for adaptation at the Federal level, identifies the areas for action in nine sectors and describes the cross-sectoral challenges. The adaptation strategy is being coordinated within the interdepartmental committee on the climate (IDA Klima), led by the FOEN.
The following goals apply for adapting to climate change:

  • Switzerland will exploit the opportunities arising from climate change. 
  • It will minimise the risks of climate change, protect the population, real assets and natural resources, 
  • and increase the adaptability of society, the economy and the environment. 

Part 2 of the strategy: action plan 2014–2019.

Part 2 demonstrates, in the context of an action plan, how Switzerland aims to achieve its adaptation goals and master the challenges. The Federal Council adopted the action plan on 9 April 2014.

The action plan summarises the Federal Offices’ adaptation measures. Out of a total of 63 measures, 54 measures are activities in the sectors of water management, dealing with natural hazards, agriculture, forestry, energy, tourism, biodiversity management, health and spatial development. Most of these measures are aimed at examining the general conditions for adapting to climate change or improving knowledge bases by monitoring and research.

Nine measures are cross-sectoral. They are intended to improve the knowledge bases and action capability through coordination, information and awareness-raising. The focus here is on regular updates of the climate scenarios and hydrological scenarios, a nation-wide analysis of the opportunities and risks of climate change and collaboration and coordination of the adaptation among the Federal, cantonal, and city/municipal levels.

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