Natural hazards: Tools and methods

A list of the tools and methods for natural hazard assessment provided by the FOEN can be found below.



The online tool EconoMe enables users to assess the suitability for purpose of single projects and to compare different project variants in terms of the efficient use of funds.

As part of the planning process, at the latest when a project reaches the construction stage, the cantons must provide proof of the effectiveness (risk reduction) and cost-effectiveness of projects (cost-benefit ratio). The FOEN developed the EconoMe calculation program for this purpose. Its use is mandatory for the assessment of single projects. 
EconoMe - not available in English

The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of projects for protective structures implemented under the basic NFA system (new system of fiscal equalisation and division of tasks between the federal authorities and cantons) must also be demonstrated. The cantons are free to select the tool best suited for this purpose; EconoMe is recommended for new structures.


RiskPlan enables the identification, quantitative assessment and representation of the collective risks posed by any hazard, e.g. flood, earthquake, heat wave, power outage, accident involving hazardous substances or epidemic in a region. RiskPlan can also be used to examine the cost-effectiveness of measures for reducing the identified risks.


Risk management

Publications in the area of risk management

Terrain analysis and event documentation

Karten der Phänomene - not available in English
Naturereigniskataster StorMe
 - not available in English

Assessment of the effect of technical measures/PROTECT method

National Platform for Natural Hazards PLANAT: PROTECT - not available in English
Technische Massnahmen - not available in English

Quality requirements for protective forest maintenance/NaiS

Schutzwald - not available in English

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