Natural hazards: Indicators

The state and development of the hazard potential, the damage caused by natural hazards and the protective measures implemented are presented and evaluated using selected parameters.

Topic Indicatore Name State Trend
Natural hazards Current status of mapping natural hazards State: good Trend: positive
Natural hazards Earthquake-specific building regulations for private buildings State: poor Trend: positive
Natural hazards Fatalities caused by floods, debris flows, landslides, fall processes and avalanches State: good Trend: positive
Natural hazards Local information about seismic hazard State: medium Trend: positive
Natural hazards, Cli... Damage caused by floods, landslides, debris flows and fall processes State: poor Trend: impossible to evaluate
Natural hazards, Cli... Thawing of the permafrost State: impossible to evaluate Trend: negative
Natural hazards, Wat... Investments in protection against natural hazards State: good Trend: positive
Natural hazards Behandelte Schutzwaldfläche
Natural hazards Nombre de conseillers locaux en matière de dangers naturels
Natural hazards Projekte mit Anrecht auf Abgeltung von Mehrleistungen

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