Chlorothalonil metabolites

Chlorothalonil metabolites in groundwater: first nationwide assessment of pollution in Switzerland

17.08.2020 – Metabolites of the fungicide chlorothalonil exceed the threshold value for groundwater in large areas. Groundwater quality is thus significantly affected in more than half of the cantons. The Swiss Plateau, which is used intensively for agriculture, is the main region concerned.

Bathing water quality

Aare bei Bremgarten bei Bern

EEA report on bathing water quality 2019

08.06.2020 - Thanks to various protective measures and major advances in wastewater treatment in recent decades, water quality in Swiss rivers and lakes is now very high and virtually all are clean enough to swim in.

Hydrological Yearbook 2018

Brennpunkt Hydrologisches Jahrbuch der Schweiz 2018

Hydrological Yearbook of Switzerland 2018

01.07.2019 - The Hydrological Yearbook gives an overview of the hydrological situation in Switzerland. It shows the changes in water levels and discharge rates of lakes, rivers and ground- water and provides information on water temperatures and the physical and chemical properties of the principal rivers in Switzerland.  

'Rhine 2040' programme adopted

Rheinministerkonferenz 2020

'Rhine 2040' programme adopted

13.02.2020 - The 16th Conference of Rhine Ministers was held in Amsterdam on 13 February 2020. It successfully adopted the 'Rhine 2040' programme, with its new and ambitious targets for biodiversity (the return of migratory fish), water quality (a reduction in micropollutants), climate change, flood defences and measures to deal with low water levels.


Schweizer Fliessgewässer

Swiss Government maps covering the waters of Switzerland

There is a wide diversity, ranging from real-time water temperature in rivers, through groundwater protection zones to the potential for small hydropower plants. Subject-related data such as the water storage capacity of the ground or the distribution of rock strata are also included. “Topic Water” at

At a glance

Water flow and flow regime

Water supply depends on natural factors and is influenced by hydropower production and climate change. The FOEN is monitoring the water flow and flow regime of Swiss bodies of water. 

Monitoring data and statistics

Current monitoring data on bodies of water, the possibility of obtaining data, information about extreme value statistics and data on the water withdrawn and returned

State of waterbodies

Despite the generally good quality of its water, residues from fertilizer and plant protection products, chemical residues from wastewater, as well as man-made structures and artificial obstacles damage surface and underground waters.

Ground water

Good quality groundwater is available in sufficient quantities almost everywhere in Switzerland. Traces of artificial, rather persistent substances are found mainly below cropland and in settlement areas.

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