Agreement with operators of waste treatment installations

The agreement has the aim of reducing emissions from the incineration of waste and creating incentives for more efficient energy use in waste treatment installations. It was signed in August 2014.

The 30 waste treatment installations in Switzerland are responsible for approximately 5 % of Switzerland's total greenhouse gas emissions. Emissions from the incineration of waste have especially risen in recent years due to consumption habits as well as population and economic growth in Switzerland.

In August 2014, DETEC concluded an agreement with the Association of Plant Managers of Swiss Waste Treatment Installations (VBSA). This means that the waste sector is integrated into Swiss climate policy and is committed to make a reasonable contribution to Switzerland's climate policy goals. In return, the waste treatment installations are exempted from participating in emissions trading.

Reduction target for 2020

The agreement provides for a reduction of net CO2 emissions from the incineration of waste by 200,000 tonnes CO2 in 2020 as compared to the year 2010 as well as a total reduction of 1 million tonnes CO2 over the period from 2010 to 2020. These targets should be achieved primarily through the more efficient use of energy and increased recovery of metals.

The heat produced by the combustion is used for generating electricity and for heating purposes and replaces electricity and heat from fossil sources. These indirect emission savings are applied towards the achievement of targets. Savings from the recovery of metals from combustion residues are also creditable.

Periodic review of the achievement of targets

The VBSA, as representative of the operators of waste treatment installations, tracks the development of emission reductions and the initiated and planned measures for emission reduction by monitoring. The results of the monitoring are summarised in an annual report. The next in-depth review of target achievement will take place in 2021. The monitoring reports for past years are published on the VBSA website.

Agreement (PDF, 290 kB, 21.01.2015)between the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications and the Association of Plant Managers of Swiss Waste Treatment Installations (in German)

Liste der durch den VBSA vertretenen KVA (PDF, 11 kB, 27.04.2015)Revidierter Anhang 1, gültig ab 27.4.2015 (in German)

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