Shooting ranges

The investigation, monitoring and remediation of bullet traps at shooting ranges often raise issues regarding procedure, objectives and appropriate measures as well as the financial impact and scientific basis.

VASA-Abgeltungen bei Schiessanlagen

Cover VASA-Abgeltungen bei Schiessanlagen. Mitteilung des BAFU als Vollzugsbehörde. 2016

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In Switzerland, around 4,000 shooting ranges are entered in the register of polluted sites. These ranges contain in total several tens of thousands of tons of lead and other heavy metals originating from shooting activities. Every year approximately 200 tons of additional lead are caught in the bullet traps. Shooting activities nowadays deposit the largest amount of lead in the environment, more than twice as much as transport, industry and business together.

If polluted bullet traps jeopardise groundwater, water bodies or the soil, measures are required to eliminate this danger i.e. the contaminated site must be cleaned up. The contamination remediation  at shooting ranges must conform with the objectives and specifications of the Environmental Protection Act and the Contaminated Sites Ordinance.

In certain circumstances, the Federal Government contributes to the cost of the measures necessary for investigating, monitoring and remediating contaminated sites originating from shooting ranges.

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