Remediation of contaminated sites

A large number of polluted sites can only be handled in steps for reasons of personnel, time and money. In principle, individual sites should be approached first at a global and then at an increasingly detailed level in order that those among the approximately 38'000 polluted sites requiring remediation or monitoring can be earmarked.

Stand der Altlastenbearbeitung in der Schweiz

Die Altlastenbearbeitung in der Schweiz ist auf Kurs: die Kataster der belasteten Standorte von Bund und Kantonen sind fertiggestellt und im Internet abrufbar. Total bestehen rund 38‘000 belastete Standorte, wovon ca. 4'000 sanierungsbedürftig («Altlasten») sein dürften. Über 1'300 Altlasten sind bislang saniert worden.

Fundamental approach

The costs of tackling contaminated site issues in an unsystematic way can easily escalate. To avoid this problem, it is advisable to proceed according to the scheme described below.

Contaminated site management - Step 1: Register

Registration of the polluted sites, initial assessment

Contaminated site management - step 2: preliminary investigation

The need for monitoring and remediation are clarified

Contaminated sites management - step 3: detailed investigation

The objectives and urgency of remediation are established

Monitoring and aftercare

Key elements of contaminated sites remediation


Complex tasks such as remediation can only be tackled if all parties work toward the solution, which is stated by the Contaminated Sites Ordinance.

Shooting ranges

The investigation, monitoring and remediation of bullet traps at shooting ranges often raise issues regarding procedure, objectives and appropriate measures as well as the financial impact and scientific basis.

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