Switzerland’s targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

In compliance with its international commitment, Switzerland is pursuing concrete targets to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Reduction targets are set in commitment periods and enshrined in the CO2 Act.

Switzerland ratified the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1993, thereby committing itself to stabilising greenhouse gas emissions at a level that prevents dangerous interference with the climate system. Since then it has set specific reduction targets for individual periods.

Switzerland implements its international commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the CO2 Act, which sets the reduction targets and prescribes the measures necessary for meeting these targets.

Information on the reduction targets under the Kyoto Protocol, the Paris Agreement and the CO2 Act for the individual periods is available on the following pages:

Information on the review of target achievement, in particular the rules on the accounting of the carbon sink (greenhouse gas balance of vegetation and soils) as well as emission reductions through projects abroad is available at:

Last modification 11.04.2023

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