2030 target achievement review (for the years 2021 to 2030)

Based on the annual greenhouse gas inventory, Switzerland's emissions development can be tracked with regard to the target achievement for the years 2021–2030, but yet without the contribution of the accountable sink and international attestations.

Development of Switzerland's total greenhouse gas emissions according to the CO2 Act and the Paris Agreement. The red line shows the target value for the year 2030 (at least minus 50 percent compared to total greenhouse gas emissions in 1990). In addition, Switzerland has committed itself to reducing its emissions by at least minus 35 percent on average over the period 2021–2030 compared to 1990 (dashed green line). The accountable sink (greenhouse gas balance of vegetation and soils) as well as international attestations, which are additionally relevant, are not taken into account in this figure.

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Last modification 15.04.2024

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