Greenhouse gas inventory

The greenhouse gas inventory is the comprehensive statistics of emissions according to the reporting requirements of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Based on the greenhouse gas inventory, the Swiss Confederation reviews the progress towards meeting the emission reduction targets under the Kyoto Protocol and the CO2 Act.

Evolution of total greenhouse gas emissions since 1990, including the objective for 2020 as defined by the CO2 Act. The values correspond to gross emissions without taking into account emission reduction certificates acquired abroad and the greenhouse gas balance of forests. Data base on the greenhouse gas inventory from April 2019 (next update in April 2020).

The national greenhouse gas inventory, updated annually, is the basis for the evaluation of the objectives in the frame of the Kyoto Protocol and the CO2 Act:

  • Kyoto Protocol: Mean reduction of total emissions of all greenhouse gases over the period 2013-2020 by 15.8 percent relative to 1990.
  • CO2 Act: Reduction of total emissions of all greenhouse gases by 20 percent relative to 1990 in the year 2020.

The CO2 Act requires emission reductions to take place domestically, while the Kyoto Protocol allows the use of flexible mechanisms, i.e. foreign emission reduction certificates, to meet the target. Both the CO2 Act and the Kyoto Protocol take into account the greenhouse gas balance of forests including harvested wood products (not shown in the figure).

What is captured by the greenhouse gas inventory?

The greenhouse gas inventory includes CO2 emissions from fossil fuel use as well as all other greenhouse gas emissions. Included are in particular CO2 emissions from industrial processes and waste incineration, but also emissions of further greenhouse gases (methane, nitrous oxide, synthetic gases) from various sources. The greenhouse gas inventory also takes into account the greenhouse gas balance of forests.

The greenhouse gas inventory is not corrected for weather conditions.

In accordance with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, emissions from international aviation and navigation are reported in the greenhouse gas inventory, but not included in the national total of emissions.

Emissions caused by the production of imported goods (imported electricity included) are not taken into account.

Data and tables of the most recent greenhouse gas inventory

The Swiss national greenhouse gas inventory is updated annually in spring based on the data of the year before last.

Further information


CO2-Emissionsfaktoren des schweizerischen Treibhausgasinventars (PDF, 316 kB, 15.04.2019)Compilation of the CO2 emission factors and energy content of the various energy sources that are used in the greenhouse gas inventory (in German, also available in French and Italian).


Emissionsübersicht: Tabellen (zweite Verpflichtungsperiode, Version Juli 2019) (XLS, 243 kB, 16.07.2019)Emissionen nach CO2-Gesetz und Kyoto-Protokoll, zweite Verpflichtungsperiode, 2013-2020 (in German, also available in French)

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