Further information to the publication «Switzerland's climate policy»

This page provides the further information – ordered by chapter – to the publication «Switzerland's climate policy».

Switzerland's climate policy


Implementation of the Paris Agreement. 2018

General links

The Paris Agreement – leading to a stable climate

Switzerland's climate-policy portfolio

Course to climate neutrality

Video «Sustainable Neighbourhoods – Models for Tomorrow’s Switzerland»

Exceeding two degrees becomes dangerous

Climate change in Switzerland (Summary)

Indicators of driving forces, impact and response. 2013

Klimabedingte Risiken und Chancen


Eine schweizweite Synthese. 2017

First steps in adaptation practice

Impulse für eine klimaangepasste Schweiz


Erkenntnisse aus 31 Pilotprojekten zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel. 2017

Video «Wie kann sich die Schweiz an den Klimawandel anpassen?»

Adaptation to climate change in Switzerland

Cover Adaptation to climate change in Switzerland

Goals, challenges and fields of action. First part of the Federal Council’s strategy. Adopted on 2 March 2012. 2012

Investing in a stable climate

Support for those most affected

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