Climate communication for communes

Towns and communes have the important task of informing their citizens. Through active communication, they can reach out to the population and raise local awareness on climate-related issues. The Climate Programme supports communes with training courses and ideas that are easy to put into practice.

Climate communication workshops – practice-oriented training for communes

(Pilot project in German-speaking Switzerland)

Communal authorities regularly have to deal with climate issues and inform the local population about them. When taking specific measures, such as removing parking spaces or designing climate-friendly open spaces, they have to communicate effectively in order to ensure public acceptance. Through targeted communication, a commune can inform people about climate protection projects and proactively monitor their implementation. Practice-oriented training for communal employees and committee members is provided in cooperation with Sanu Future Learning AG.

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Practice-oriented training

The course comprises three 90-minute online workshops, each running from 12.30pm to 2pm, and one on-site event. It is also possible to attend individual workshops. Participants are given theoretical information as well as practical examples and can exchange ideas in discussion groups and in the plenary session. They also come away with handy resources such as templates, checklists and tips for implementing their ideas. The aim is to learn with and from each other.

2022 programme (Pilot project in German-speaking Switzerland):

  • Workshop 1: Successfully communicating climate projects, 28 April 2022, online
  • Workshop 2: Communication concepts for practical use, 28 June 2022, online
  • Workshop 3: The right channel – How do I reach my target groups? 6 September 2022, online
  • Workshop 4: Public participation – Motivating people to get involved, 18 November 2022, Bern

Registration: (in German; limited number of participants)

Sticky notes for efficient, effective communication

Sticky notes featuring practical tips from the Climate Programme support PR activities at the city and commune levels. They are a fun way to help raise awareness among the population of a climate-friendly way of life. Succinct, motivational climate tips in Post-It form are the perfect way to get things off the ground. Stuck in strategically important locations, they serve as a reminder both at home and at work. The computer keyboard is one example, with a note to 'Go by bike!', or 'Lights out!' by the door. These remind people of their good intentions in the right place and at the right time. Little by little, old habits can be changed, and positive new experiences can take their place.

Climate tips
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The set of sticky notes (with tips and empty pages for personal tips or notes), as well as a useful guide, can be displayed at the counter in municipal authority offices, handed out at events, or sent out by post.

Order climate tips free of charge from, art. no. 810.400.137.d (in German or in French, available while stocks last)

Digital climate tips on food waste and heating

Selected climate tips on the topics of food waste and heating are also available in digital form. They can be integrated into commune websites, or used in presentations, for example (available in German or in French).

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