Project support

The Climate Programme supports innovative and impact-oriented climate training projects with a focus on vocational and higher education. Continuing education and training can also help to promote climate protection in working and everyday life.

Providing project support strengthens third parties' own initiatives to integrate climate-related skills in education and professional life. The legal basis for this is provided by law in provisions on such support, particularly Article 41 of the CO2 Act.

Applications for financial assistance may be submitted at any time by public or private organisations and institutions based in Switzerland. Preference is given to training projects that are aimed at target groups with decision-making powers regarding climate protection.

The procedure and forms for submitting applications can be found here:

Applications for climate training projects should be submitted electronically to the following contact: 

Criteria for project support

Support is given to projects that:

  • are consistent with the objectives of the Climate Programme;
  • meet the legal requirements;
  • meet the requirements for financial assistance from the Confederation;
  • have a national or at least cross-regional or language-regional focus;
  • are impact-oriented;
  • make an effective contribution to promoting climate protection skills.

Examples of possible projects

  • Analyses of occupational profiles, VET ordinances, curricula and teaching and examination materials
  • Development of teaching and learning materials
  • Conception and development of new education and training programmes for skilled workers and managers
  • Continuing education and training of teachers, lecturers and examiners
  • Adaptation of existing educational and training programmes or teaching/learning materials for other language regions

Examples of supported projects

  • Teaching materials, e-learning modules, case studies, examination questions and continuing education and training for teachers and examiners in transport and logistics professions
  • Information on aspects of environmental sustainability – particularly climate protection – and on occupations for young people in the process of choosing a career
  • Climate training workshops for vocational schools as part of language, communication and society subjects
  • Training programme for hotel and catering professions in higher vocational education and training

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