Climate Programme – project support for climate training

Project support strengthens third parties' own initiatives to mainstream climate-related skills in training and professional life.

The Climate Programme supports climate training projects for skilled workers at all training levels, from basic vocational training to higher education. The general education system also has a part to play in making climate protection a greater part of everyday working life.

Submissions for climate training projects are now open. The requirements are listed in the information sheet and the application form. Applicants are not automatically entitled to receive support. Training projects for target groups with decision-making authority over climate protection will generally be given priority consideration.

Support for third-party climate training projects may produce the following, for example:

  • Teaching materials, e-learning modules, case studies, exam questions and further training courses for specialist trainers and examiners in transport and logistics professions
  • Educational analysis, workshops, teaching materials concepts and regular articles in the official magazine of the logistics sector's professional association
  • Information for the career choice process, to mainstream environmental sustainability issues, and climate protection in particular, together with the relevant actors in the careers advice system
  • Climate training workshops for vocational colleges
  • Training programme for hotel and catering professions

Project support is also available under the environmental training programme.

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Last modification 24.02.2021

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