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Qualified managers and skilled workers are familiar with technologies, processes and behaviours to prevent greenhouse gas emissions and counter the impacts of climate change. This requires vocational training, as well as knowledge transfer between sectors and professions.

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The Climate Programme supports and promotes vocational training on climate protection for managers and skilled workers. The education units of the FOEN and SFOE coordinate their activities to achieve this.

Analyses, strategies and information strengthen vocational training for skilled workers

The Climate Programme improves skilled workers' qualifications to incorporate climate protection effectively in professional development (available in German, French or Italian) and in training practices.

Important professions and courses of study in this regard are found in areas such as commerce, procurement, marketing, agriculture, nutrition, business management, financial investments, and in adaptation to climate change in tourism or urban planning, for example.

To give climate protection greater status in teaching curricula and in qualification processes, the Climate Programme conducts analyses, draws up implementation strategies, organises networking events for knowledge transfer, and presents findings at conferences and in specialist media. Peer-to-peer, needs-based partnerships with professional, industry and specialist associations, as well as higher education institutions, transform this information into real advances in climate protection.

Basic information and further aids provide practical everyday training support

Climate dossier: This themed dossier, containing level-appropriate, cross-curricular learning opportunities, is published on the éducation21 portal in German, French and Italian. The Climate Programme supported the conceptual framework for the dossier, which can also be used in training for skilled workers.

The climate glossary, which is available in German, French and Italian, describes around 30 key terms, giving sources and references to further information. It helps to establish a good understanding of the topic among climate educators, as well as the consistent use of terminology.

Glossar Klima (PDF, 2 MB, 14.01.2020)Basisbegriffe für die Berufsbildung (available in German, French or Italian)

The Jeder Beruf zählt! working guide (available in German only) assists vocational training coordinators with identifying the environment, climate and energy topics that are relevant to their professions, and incorporating them appropriately into training.

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Glossar Klima (PDF, 2 MB, 14.01.2020)Basisbegriffe für die Berufsbildung (available in German, French or Italian)


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