List of registered compensation projects

The following list includes already registered projects and programmes by technology area. Within a technology area, registered projects and programmes are listed chronologically by project/programme number.

Category 1: Energy efficiency (supply side)

Category 2: Energy efficiency (demand side)

Category 3: Renewable Energy

Category 4: Fuel switch

Category 5: Transport

Category 6: CH4 methane avoidance

Category 7: F-gas reduction

Category 8: N2O reduction

Category 9: Biological sequestration


Published validation and verification reports are recommendations of approved validators and verifiers to the administrative office for compensation. The final decision regarding the qualification of projects / programmes and the eligibility of emission reductions is made by the administrative office. This can differ from the recommendations if, inter alia, the recommendations in the validation and verification reports do not allow for a final decision and further clarifications are necessary.

Clarifying discussions between applicants, validators and verifiers are not necessarily shown in the published documents.

It is thus possible that published validation and verification reports are not based on the final versions of project descriptions and/or monitoring reports.

All published documents comply with the legal requirements applicable at the time of submission.

Last modification 30.12.2020

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