List of rejected or withdrawn projects

In the list below you will find summaries of projects and programmes that have been rejected by the administrative office for compensation or have been withdrawn by the applicant. The summaries are organized by technology areas. The order within a technology area is based on when the application documents were received.

Category 2: Energy efficiency (demand side)

2.2. Energieeffizienzsteigerung in Gebäuden

Category 5: Transport

5.1 Effizienzverbesserung bei Personentransport oder Güterverkehr

Category 6: CH4 methane avoidance

6.1 Methanvermeidung: Abfackelung bzw. energetische Nutzung von Methangas  

6.3 Methanvermeidung durch Einsatz von Futtermittelzusatzstoffen in der Landwirtschaft

Last modification 25.03.2021

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