Project execution

When projects are approved, a contract is drawn up between the FOEN and the grant recipients. Interim and final reports are a condition for the disbursement of the project grant.


The contract sets out the maximum amount of the grant, the expected results and the related disbursements. Additionally, it governs the rights and obligations of the contractual partner.

The contract also governs the repayment of the FOEN grant. The FOEN must be repaid on the basis of the earnings attained. The following standard conditions apply:

  • 2% of the earnings (turnover) from the sale of installations/ products/ processes;
  • 5% of the earnings (turnover), based on the engineering services provided;
  • 10% of the earnings (turnover) from the licensing proceeds generated by licencing to third parties for the purposes of marketing the technology;
  • 20% of the earnings (turnover) from the sale of patents resulting from this project.

Projects whose results are readily available to the public or whose products can be acquired for not more than the net cost may be exempted from the repayment requirement. This option may be requested when the application is submitted.

All P&D projects are recorded in ARAMIS, the federal research database, at the project start date.

Interim statement of account and interim report

A condition for the disbursement of grants during an on-going project is an interim statement of account and an interim report describing the results achieved to date. There are no restrictions on the format of the interim report.

Project completion

Once the project is completed, a final report must be issued that describes the project results and compares them to the results specified in the contract. There are no restrictions on the format of the final report. In addition, a final statement of account, i.e. an overview of the finances, and a summary of the project results for ARAMIS must be submitted according to the following conditions:

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