Technology Fund

The technology fund was created by the federal government to promote innovative technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the consumption of resources, support the use of renewable energy and increase energy efficiency. The fund’s loan guarantees lower the hurdle for innovative companies to get the necessary financing in place.

The federal government can guarantee loans to companies that are developing and marketing new products and methodologies for reducing greenhouse emissions, for the use and exploitation of renewable energies and conservation of natural resources.

If their application is approved, the companies will receive a confirmation for a guarantee. The guarantee is then issued to banks or other suitable lenders. To cover losses on the guarantee, a maximum of CHF 25 million per year from CO2 levy revenue is invested in a technology fund

The processing of applications for guarantees and associated services has been outsourced to Emerald Technology Ventures and South Pole Carbon which operate the external management agency. Guarantee requests shall be submitted to external agencies:

Assisted patent searches and assisted patent landscape analyses

The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) offers assisted patent searches and assisted patent landscape analyses. This service is free of charge for project participants who receive financial support from the FOEN within the framework of its funding programmes in the area of development and marketing of environmental innovations. This applies to the environmental technology promotion, the technology fund, the wood action plan and the forest and wood research funding. Project participants interested in this free offer from the IPI should contact

Organization and execution Technology Fund

Applications will be examined both in terms of their technological suitability as well as the company's financial structure and viability in accordance with the Steering Committee's strategic requirements. A guarantee committee composed of representatives of the Confederation and the private sector assesses applications on behalf of the FOEN. The operational supervision rests with the Steering Committee, which consist of a member of the Federal Offices of the Environment (FOEN) and Energy (BFE). As a point of contact and to support the committee the FOEN operates a specialized technology fund. The principles of awarding the guarantee and the organization are determined by DETEC.

Technologiefonds: Grafische Darstellung des Vollzugsmodells

Further information


Jahresrückblick 2022 Technologiefonds (PDF, 2 MB, 01.12.2023)Geschäftsstelle Technologiefonds (in German)

Jahresrückblick 2021 Technologiefonds (PDF, 1 MB, 19.07.2022)Geschäftsstelle Technologiefonds (in German)


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