Additional information and documents on the notification procedure for the export of waste


1. Codes for the European customs offices and authorities

2. Specimen contract

In case of transboundary movements of waste to interim recovery (R12 or R13) or disposal facilities (D13, D14 or D15), where the final treatment is carried out by a third facility, the corresponding specimen contract for the export to interim recovery or disposal facilities shall be used.

3. Financial guarantee

A template showing the information that must be included in a financial guarantee or general guarantee is provided below.

Bank guarantee template for general financial guarantees upon request.

The FOEN decides on the amount of the financial guarantee based on a suggestion by the exporter. The FOEN provides the following Instructions for the Calculation of Financial Guarantees as a basis for the calculation of the amount of cover.

In the case of general financial guarantees, for each individual notification to which this general bank or insurance guarantee applies, the calculation is based on the instructions provided above and entered in the following table.

On receipt of the table, the FOEN defines the amount due for the general financial guarantee and informs the exporter.

Further information

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