Biodiversity and Landscape Division

This division is the federal authority responsible for biodiversity and landscapes, their ecosystem services, conservation, promotion and development, and sustainable use and hunting.

Its main activities are:

  • conservation, promotion and sustainable use of a rich biodiversity which is responsive to change
  • maintenance and quality-oriented development of the landscapes as a high-quality living, working and cultural environment
  • structuring and development of ecological infrastructure
  • setting the conditions for sustainable hunting
  • highlighting the beauty, particularities and diversity of nature and landscapes and their benefits for society and the economy
  • increasing the expertiseand raising the awareness on the importance and the protection and conservation of biodiversity and landscapes
  • assessment of federal legislative responsibilities in nature and landscape conservation
  • awarding of subsidies under the Protection of Nature and Cultural Heritage Act (NCHA), Hunting Act (JSG), Forests Act (WaG)

The division is responsible for the following topics:


Hans Romang

Hans Romang
Position: head of division


Claudio De Sassi
Position: head of section Biodiversity Policy

Gabriella Silvestri

Gabriella Silvestri
 head of section Ecological Infrastructure

Position: head of section Wildlife conservation, deputy head of division

Benoît Magnin
Position: head of section Landscape Management

Matthias Stremlow

Matthias Stremlow
Position: head of section Landscape Policy

Last modification 21.05.2024

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