Hazard Prevention Division

The Hazard Prevention Division is responsible for dealing with the risks to human life, the environment and major assets arising from avalanches, floods, debris flows, landslides, rockfall processes, earthquakes and major accidents.

The Division provides financial and expert support to the cantons for:

  • the planning and implementation of protective measures against flooding and rockfall processes, landslides and avalanches;
  • the compilation of hazard documentation;
  • protective forest maintenance;
  • the planning and implementation of sustainable renaturation measures.

It oversees the cantonal implementation of the Federal Hydraulic Engineering and Forest Acts and carries out the tasks directly assigned to it by the legislation.

In relation to earthquakes, the priority lies with the coordination of federal measures for earthquake mitigation, ensuring that construction projects carried out in the sphere of influence of the federal authorities are earthquake resistant and promoting the implementation of preventive measures by third parties (cantons, communes, individuals).

In addition, the Division oversees the implementation of the Major Accidents Ordinance and supports the responsible bodies within the federal authorities and the cantons in its implementation.

The division is responsible for the topics: 

The division consists of:

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