Water Division

The Water Division is responsible for the protection of surface water, groundwater and drinking water in accordance with the Water Protection Act. It represents Switzerland in international boundary water and fisheries commissions.


  • Groundwater and drinking water protection
  • Drainage of the built environment and traffic areas
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Water quality assessment
  • Water body protection and agriculture (structural and substance-based water protection; nitrate, phosphate, plant protection products)
  • Revitalization and clearance of the aquatic environment
  • Hydropower rehabilitation (fish migration, hydropeaking, bed load, residual flows)
  • Bed load rehabilitation
  • Protection and promotion of aquatic biodiversity under the Federal Fisheries Act
  • Conservation of natural biodiversity and the population of native fish, crustaceans and fish food animals
The division is responsible for the topics:

The division consists of:

Müller Stephan

Stephan Müller
head of division


Daya Moser
deputy head of division / head of staff unit

Michael Schärer
Position : 
head of section Groundwater protection

Soltermann Fabian

Fabian Soltermann
 head of section Urban water management 

Christian Leu

Christian Leu
Position :
 head of section waterquality

Susanne Haertel-Borer

Susanne Haertel-Borer
Position : 
head of section revitalisation and fisheries

Remy Estoppey

Rémy Estoppey
Position :
 head of section (co-leader) hydropower rehabilitation

Lundsgaard Hansen Lucie

Lucie Lundsgaard-Hansen
Position :
 head of section (co-leader) hydropower rehabilitation

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