Implementation of compensation projects

The FOEN provides various templates and other documents for applications for the issuance of attestations and for the implementation of compensation projects or programmes. The use of templates for project descriptions and monitoring reports is mandatory (Art. 7 para. 3 and Art. 9 para. 6 CO2 Ordinance).

Submission of applications

  1. The template for the project description/monitoring report must be submitted, duly completed and signed, by post to the Compensation Office (Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, Compensation Office, Climate Division, 3003 Bern) (the postmark is the date of submission).
  2. In addition, the following documents must be sent to by email:
    a. Project description/monitoring report,
    b. Validation/verification report,
    c. If applicable, blackened versions of the project description/monitoring report and validation/verification report for publication on the FOEN website, and if applicable, further documents (calculation excel, supporting documents, etc.).

Assessment of applications

The process for assessing validated project/programme descriptions and verified monitoring reports is shown in the following diagram:

Templates for applications

Templates for initial submission of applications for the registration of new projects/programmes, or revalidation:

Projektbeschreibung (Vorlage v6.2) (DOCX, 109 kB, 17.04.2024)(available in German, French and Italian) according to Art. 6 para. 7 CO2 Ordinance

Templates for the submission of monitoring reports:

Monitoringbericht (Vorlage v4.1) (DOCX, 108 kB, 17.04.2024)(available in German, French and Italian) according to Art. 9 para. 9 CO2 Ordinance

Submission of project or programme outlines

The applicant may submit an outline of its project or programme for preliminary assessment. Submitting an outline is optional, but it is recommended for project types and methods that have not previously been authorised by the FOEN

Template for the submission of project and programme outlines:

Projektskizze (Vorlage v4.4) (DOCX, 68 kB, 20.03.2024)(available in German, in French or in Italian)

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