Joint Statement on Donors’ Pledge of 413 million USD

09.11.2021 - Today in Glasgow, we announce contributions totaling $413 million USD to the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF), hosted by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), to support Climate Change Adaptation.

The LDCF plays a key role in addressing urgent and immediate adaptation needs of least developed countries, focusing on reducing the vulnerability of people, nature and infrastructure, as identified and prioritized in their National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPAs), National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), and Adaptation Communications. The LDCF also supports the national adaptation planning process in coordination with others as a means to reduce medium- and long-term vulnerability to the impacts of climate change and facilitate the integration of climate change adaptation into relevant policies, programs and activities. From the LDCF’s inception in 2001, $1.7 billion USD has been approved for projects, programs, and enabling activities to meet this mandate. Projects supported by the LDCF have mobilized more than $6.8 billion USD in co-financing in all LDC countries.

The following contributions to the LDCF will continue supporting priorities identified by recipient countries:

  • Belgium will contribute 15 million EUR in 2021 to the LDCF, and intends to maintain this level of funding in the next years, at least until 2024. For the period 2021-2024, this means contributions to the LDCF of at least 60 million EUR (approximately $69.6 million USD).
  • Canada will contribute up to $37.5 million CAD (approximately $30.0 million USD) for the LDCF.
  • Denmark will contribute a new grant of DKK 100 million (approximately $16.0 million USD) for the LDCF to be committed before the end of 2021. Denmark expects to make further pledges to the LDCF in 2022 and 2023 for a total of DKK 300 million (approximately $48.0 million USD) subject to parliamentary approval.
  • Estonia will make a voluntary contribution to the LDCF for the year 2021 in the amount of 1 million EUR (approximately $1.2 million USD).
  • France will contribute an additional 20 million EUR to the LDCF for the period of 2022-2023 on a voluntary basis (approximately $23.2 million USD).
  • Germany confirms its pledge and will contribute 100 million EUR (approximately $116.0 million USD) to the LDCF for 2021.
  • Ireland is contributing 2.5 million EUR in 2021 (approximately $2.9 million USD).
  • The Netherlands will contribute an additional 25 million EUR (approximately $29 million USD) to the LDCF, above the current commitment of 55 million EUR (approximately $63.8 million USD, of which USD $26.1 million made after the COP25).
  • Sweden has contributed $15 million USD (130 million Swedish kronor) to LDCF for 2021 and will contribute at least the same amount for 2022 and expects to make further pledges in 2022 subject to parliamentary approval.
  • Switzerland will contribute at least $9.0 million USD to the LDCF for the period of 2020-2022 on a voluntary basis.
  • The United States announces a contribution of $25 million USD to the LDCF.
  • Walloon Government confirms is planning a pledge of 2.7 million EUR (approximately $3.1 million USD) in 2022.


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